Meeting of March 2009

Members are reminded that the March Bigsea meeting will be taking place as usual on the last Sunday of the month.

This will be at the the Address at New Hampshire Ave – Bank of America Building, 2nd Floor.

The meeting usually starts at 3:00p.m. So please endeavour to be there.




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 The Bigsea met last weekend December 6th 2008 at the Mbuh’s residence to welcome Faith Anwi Mbuy into the their family. The occasion was well attended as usual and there was plenty to drink and eat. Some of the pictures taken at the occasion are attached here.

Bigsea Pictures

The 2010 Census – A Great Way to Earn Extra Money

The 2010 Census – A Great Way to Earn Extra Money

Hello Everyone,

The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting temporary part-time census takers for the 2010 Census. The pay is good, the hours are flexible, and the work is close to home.

Besides good pay, you’ll have flexible hours, paid training, and the chance to work within your own community.

Apply today by contacting your Local Census Office or by calling 1-866-861-2010!

This also goes for current federal employees.  There are certain federal agencies that are allowing their employees to participate in the 2010 Census!



Hi everyone,
I just want to let you know that the next meeting (11/30/08) of Bigsea will be at the MBUH’s residence in College Park,  This is the BIGSEA welcoming the new baby FAITH ANWI MBUH into the family of MR SAMUEL MBUH AND MRS IRENE MBUH both members of the BIGSEA in their own right. The baby was born on August 5th 2008. The mother, father and baby are doing well. The venue is:
8805 38th Ave. 
College Park
MD 20740 
Please do your best in telling any BIGSEAN we may have a big turnout. Here is the phone number to call if you get lost getting to the place.
301 244 5756,
301 592 7112


Uncle RayIt is with deep sorrow that I am announcing to you the death of Mr. Raymond Nkemanteh and Ms Georgiana Fotabong (Constance) in Muyuka.
Mr. Raymond Nkemanteh, popularly known as Uncle Ray, is a popular person in the Cameroonian/African Community here in the US and I am sure many of you who have been long here know him. A website has been created to inform everyone about the activities relating to the wake keeping which will take place next Week Friday. There are pictures of him on the website. Please visit the website at for more information.
Ms Georgiana of Muyuka also died yesterday November 19th 2008 from injuries sustained during a motor accident she just had. Her leg was amputated and it appears she was suffering from internal bleeding but the doctors did not realise this until too late. Both Mr. Raymond Nkemanteh and Ms Georgiana Fotabong are related. Whenever Uncle Ray came to Muyuka he stayed with her.


I regret to inform members that the meeting will no longer take place at the Mbuh’s Residence in College Park. The meeting will take place at the usual venue in New Hampshire Ave – Bank of America Building, 2nd Floor, Same time 3:00p.m.

The Born house will be rescheduled at this meeting.

 Hope to see you at the meeting.

Bye for now.